marseilles european capital of culture

he city of Marseille PACA has been selected to represent France as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. It was chosen on Sept. 16th, 2008, beating out Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, which were also in the running for the title.
The city highlighted its geographic position on the Mediterranean coast that constitutes a cultural crossroads. However, its main asset was its “Workshops of the Euro Mediterranean” project, which is shaped around a dialogue of cultures and the revival of cities through culture.
Each city presented its program to a 13-member jury (composed of six French members and seven representatives of the EU countries) chaired by a British lord.
Marseille will share its distinction with the Slovak city of Kosice in 2013. 
Marseille’s program has two focuses:
Focus 1:
“InterMed and its InterMed Youth section, a festival of contemporary Euro-Mediterranean creation”
Focus 2:
“Via Marseille, a European gathering point of art in public space”
The title of European Capital of Culture is all the more prestigious because it brings with it important economic benefits, notably in the tourism sector, and international influence. For example, Lille, the 2004 European Capital of Culture, attracted 9 million visitors and several major investors.

Japanese Free to Play MMORPGs and MMOs

When I hear ‘free to play MMORPG’ my first thought is that it was developed in Korea, but now studios from all over the world are involved in the F2P industry. There are now plenty of Chinese and even Western developed games to chose from. Even Japan, the nation that’s best known for console gaming, has given us several free to play MMOs and MMORPGs. Below are some of the F2P games deve

loped by Japanese studios.

Starting out as an adventurer in "Uncharted Waters Online"

 I started playing UWO as an adventurer and also one of the main reasons I choose to play the game seeking adventure and finding  treasures, It may seem all fun and exciting but how is it done?

heres and example on how adventuring starts out in UWO and an alternate way to have 2 quests at a time asides from guild quests.

School guard is the ancestor of "Forest Gump"
  Some players are left confused after graduating from the long tutorial. Adventurers need to know where to start or get their first push, one way Is to get guild quests, but I want to show you another way.
Me and the Scholar
  Visit the town Archives! and talk to the scholar to brows some books.
Browsing books not only increases your skills but you can unlock maps. Depending on the skill you increase biology will give you a map of animals and habitats, Art where to find lost sculptures, and paintings, and geography may give you a map to locate sunken ships and man made wounder.  
The location of where to travel is written on the map.
Once you reach the location on the map (in this case outskirts of Athens West) you can use the map in the use item screen. Don't worry tho it wont disappear instead it will tell you which direction to go to check the image out 
Someone is beaming in?!?
once you are close to your destination and you use the map you will notice a glow approac that glow then proceed to step.5
       Use the skill required! In this case since I got this reading a biology book I used the biology skill on the glow.
  You will be given Items, Money and the card needed to give a report. 
This is also one way to gain accessories which can help give you bonus skill points!
And thats It! now you know how to increase your skills by reading and adventuring!
The same will apply to guild quests but you will need to have the observe skill since there is no map
The same will apply to guild quests but you will need to have the observe skill since there is no map

The Venice Chicken Secret...

 The nation with the earliest money advantage Venice if you decide to start in this nation money will be no problem to you all you have to do is pluck chicken to become a millionaire. 

The stuff needed to start your chickeny rampage:

1. Livestock Trading Rank 2

2. Fabric Secrets - Hardwares (can be bought in Item Shop -Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Marseille, Seville, Venice)

3. Sewing Rank 2

4. Food for Vigor

Trade Route: (Eastern Europe - Venice starters can get an advantage)

Zadar to Ancona (Vice-Versa)

Goods To Buy:

Chicken (Zadar & Ancona) 

Goat (Zadar)

Things to do:

Pluck the chicken and Process the goat to obtain Feather and Mo Hair respectively.

Sell the Feathers/Mo Hairs in Ancona. Feathers will give you additional trade experience and fame while Mo hairs got a high selling value. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your Trade level/Fame or Ducats earned.

PS: Try to pluck chickens as many as you can to produce many feathers before selling it to obtain more exp and fame.

Note: To save up in using foods for vigor try to visit the Taverns and buy some food and drinks. Also, give some drinks to your sailors to increase their loyalty.

and that's it once your sick of chickens you can explore the word of UWO in your nice and new shiny ship 

Captain Aikas Critical guide to Uncharted Waters Online!

In UWO ship battles have critical damage but unlike land battles a ships critical hit is not by % but by skills of the player.

By hitting ether the bow (Front Tip) Or the Stern (Rear) you are sure to have a critical hit. sounds easy but it sure ain't the enemy ships A.I gets better the more you progress.

Ship battles are not just all about having better ships and cannons but it also  involves skills as well a level 30 player can beat a level 50 just by having better skills
Note: Skills in UWO level up by how much you use them and not by distributing points as you level-up